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I am an associate professor at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia and the head of aquatic insect laboratory at Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences. I spent 3+ years in Norway as a Marie Curie Fellow, almost a year in the Netherlands and another year in Austria.

My research group focuses on ecological and evolutionary processes in aquatic habitats. We aim to understand how various human impacts alter the properties of individuals, populations and entire communities. We use an integrative approach that combines laboratory and outdoor experiments with field surveys and mathematical models.

Selected publications:

S. Dijoux, D. S. Boukal (2021) Community structure and collapses in multi-channel food webs: role of consumer body sizes and mesohabitat productivities. Ecology Letters 24: 1607-1618. [doi link]

L. Gvoždík, D. S. Boukal (2021) Impacts of predator-induced behavioural plasticity on the temperature dependence of predator–prey activity and population dynamics. Journal of Animal Ecology 90: 503-514. [doi link]

J. Mocq, P. R. Soukup, J. Näslund, D. S. Boukal (2021) Disentangling the nonlinear effects of habitat complexity on functional responses. Journal of Animal Ecology. [doi link]

D. S. Boukal, A. Bideault, B. M. Carreira, A. Sentis (2019) Species interactions under climate change: connecting kinetic effects of temperature on individuals to community dynamics. Current Opinion in Insect Science 35: 88-95. [doi link]

A. Sentis, A. Binzer, D. S. Boukal (2017) Temperature-size responses alter food chain persistence across environmental gradients. Ecology Letters 20: 852-862. [doi link]

A. Sentis, C. Gémard, B. Jaugeon, D. S. Boukal (2017) Predator diversity and environmental change modify the strengths of trophic and non-trophic interactions. Global Change Biology 23: 2629-2640. [doi link]

A. Sentis, J. Morisson, D.S. Boukal (2015) Thermal acclimation modulates the impacts of temperature and enrichment on trophic interaction strengths and population dynamics. Global Change Biology 21: 3290–3298. [link]

Jørgensen C, Enberg K, Dunlop ES, Arlinghaus R, Boukal DS, Brander K, Ernande B, Gårdmark A, Johnston F, Matsumura S, Pardoe H, Raab K, Silva A, Vainikka A, Dieckmann U, Heino M, Rijnsdorp AD (2007) Managing evolving fish stocks. Science 318: 1247-1248 (more details here).

de Roos AM, Boukal DS, Persson L (2006) Evolutionary regime shifts in age and size at maturation of exploited fish stocks. Proceedings Royal Society London B 273: 1873-1880. [link]

Contact information:

Department of Ecosystem Biology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia &
Biology Centre AS CR, Institute of Entomology, Laboratory of Aquatic Insects and Relict Ecosystems
Branisovska 31, CZ-37005 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
tel: +420 387 772 327, fax: +420 387 775 367
email: boukal_AT_entu.cas.cz

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