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Fish modelling

Fisheries management: analyses of angler logbooks and links of logbook data to fish stock dynamics. We use data on the exploitation and angler behaviour at a number of reservoirs in the Czech Republic to unravel the fishing pressure on Czech fish stocks and identify different patterns in angler behaviour.

Relevant papers: Jankovsky et al (2011), Boukal et al (2012); see also the project "Monitoring the environment of man-made lakes: what can fisheries data and models tell us?".

Fish dynamics in freshwaters: I participate in analyses of data from standardized surveys at a number of reservoirs in the Czech Republic to unravel the mechanisms structuring local fish communities.

Relevant papers: Vasek et al (2013), Blabolil et al (2016), Kubecka et al (2016).

Models and analyses of harvesting-induced life history evolution in size-structured populations; impact of gear selectivity. Feedback between ecological and evolutionary processes in size-structured fish populations.

Relevant papers: de Roos et al (2006), Jorgensen et al (2007), Heino et al (2008), Enberg et al (2012), Heino et al (2013), Laugen et al (2014), conference proceedings: Boukal et al (2008, 2010).


Contact information:

Department of Ecosystem Biology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia &
Biology Centre AS CR, Institute of Entomology, Laboratory of Aquatic Insects and Relict Ecosystems
Branisovska 31, CZ-37005 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
tel: +420 387 772 327, fax: +420 387 775 367
email: boukal_AT_entu.cas.cz

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